Access to Audio Files Folder on Ustor

A new distribution system for concert audio files is being tested for faculty. MP3 Audio files can be copied over to your computer from the Audio Files folder on Ustor which will allow you to create playlists in iTunes and burn your own CDs.

If you prefer to have a printed CD of the concert you performed in you can fill out the Duplication Request Form.

Here are the instructions for connecting to the Audio Files folder on Ustor. Video Tutorials attached Below.

To Access the Audio Files folder on a Mac

  1. Click on GO Menu and select Connect to Server or use ( Command + K )
  2. In the Server Address text area type smb:// and click connect
  3. Use your ASU username and password and after you connect you should see a Audio Files folder

To Access the Audio Files folder on a PC

Windows 7 Computers 

       Click computer and you will see the Ustor M network drive, which includes the Audio Files folder.

XP Computers

  1. Click on Start and then select Computer
  2. At the top of the new window that opens you will see a Map Network Drive link - click it
  3. Select a drive letter that is not in use and for the server path type in \\\hsom
  4. Make sure the reconnect at login check box is checked, click finish and you should see the Audio Files folder appear


Access to Audio Files Videos