Added Benefits: Music Theory and Mind-Body Connections

Added Benefits With Your Registration

When you register for any CMS program, whether group classes or private lessons, you will receive the following benefits along with your registration at no additional charge:

Music Theory and Creative Music-Making

  • Registered CMS students are invited to three live online sessions of the Learning, Research, and Technology Lab! Tyler Dellaperute will answer your music theory questions and introduce new ways to express yourself and think about music. 

  • The sessions will cover various topics such as fundamentals, keys and scales, composition, ear training, music technology/apps, and college entrance exams. 

  • For most sessions, participants will need to be able to read music; these sessions will most likely appeal to students 5th grade and up. One session will be geared towards beginners 2nd grade and up - no music reading required!

  • Exact times and specific topics will be announced via email beginning February 15. 

Mind-Body Connections for the Performing Artist

  • Taught by Joy Siler, this workshop includes five pre-recorded videos of Mind-Body Connections for the Performing Artist and additional short videos covering specific topics. You may watch these videos at any time this semester after they are released. Joy will also be available to answer your questions via email. Joy Siler, Instructor

  • More details, including the links to access the videos, will be provided to registrants beginning February 15. 

  • Welcome! My name is Joy. I am a theatre artist and yoga instructor. I understand how stressful, draining, and frustrating it is to work in intense, competitive environments. It’s easy to get so caught up in the result of our art and how it will be received that we neglect to be in our body. This has been a great challenge for me. I want to share what I’ve learned helps ease this stress and tension. If the word yoga freaks you out, don’t worry! The focus of these classes isn’t yoga. Over five pre-recorded classes, I will introduce a wide variety of tools to help you practice deeper embodiment. We will dive into breathing techniques, movement modalities (yes, like yoga), mindfulness, and meditation. You do not need any previous yoga or meditation experience. You do not need to be flexible or in great shape. All you need is a body, an open mind, and some stress to release! I will include additional videos addressing specific topics and be available for any questions. If you find yourself interested in more, one-on-one sessions with me will be available for purchase through CMS’s Private Lesson registration. I am here to support you as we reconnect with our bodies, together.