Let's Play Drums!

Let's Play Drums!

“Corn, bread, beans, and taters!"

“Koo-Koo for cocoa puffs. Koo-Koo for cocoa puffs.”

“I said it’s HOT! Yes it is, yes it is. Ah yeah it’s HOT! Yes it is, yes it is.”

If you can say these phrases, then guess what? You can drum! Each week, participants will learn traditional rhythms from around the world including Africa, the Caribbean, India, and the Middle East. Each session will include cultural background, learning rhythmic vocabulary, formal application, improvisation, and finally free communication and self-expression within a community of diverse peoples - in other words, an all-out jam!

In addition to the main class sessions, students will receive two 20-minute sessions of personalized instruction during the semester.

Thank You to the Watauga Arts Council and NC Arts Council!

Let's Play Drums! is supported by a Grassroots Grant from the Watauga Arts Council and the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural & Cultural Resources (www.NCArts.org). CMS would like to thank Amber Bateman, Executive Director of the Watauga Arts Council, and the WAC team for making this grant possible!

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Program Information

  • Age: 12-18

  • Instructors: Dr. Shawn Roberts (robertssm@appstate.edu) and Kaitlyn Look in partnership with the Hayes School of Music

  • No experience necessary

  • Price: $250 - $0 (with “Pay What You Can” options)

  • Location: Zoom (online)

  • Times: 5:30-6:15 on Tuesdays for 10 weeks. Classes start February 16.

Materials Needed

  • A computer or tablet with the Zoom video conferencing app installed

  • A reliable Internet connection

  • Hand drums such as djembe, conga, or doumbec/darbuka are strongly recommended.

  • Don’t have a drum? Grab a bucket, tupperware, pots and pans – anything you can find that can produce two or three pitches (low, medium, high), and some sticks or hands to play.

Meet Our Staff


Dr. Shawn Roberts, Instructor

 To read more about Dr. Shawn Roberts, visit our Group Instructors page!

Kendrick Davis and Rachel Ogelsby will be assisting with Let's Play Drums!
Read more about our assistants here!