Lesson and Rate Information

Private Lessons

Individual lessons are offered in piano, voice, guitar, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, flute, saxophone, trombone, trumpet and drum set/snare. 

Lessons take place at 134 Doctor Drive, Boone, NC 28607. If you are working with an App State Faculty member, these lessons will be held in their office on campus in the Broyhill Music Center.

IMPORTANT: Please contact the instructor of the instrument of your choice BEFORE filling out the registration form.

How to Register for Private Lessons

  1. Read about our instructors here, then email asucommunitymusic@appstate.edu to get in touch with your desired instructor.

  2. Agree with your instructor on a lesson length, day, and time (see rates below).

  3. Log in to your Iris Registration account (or create one) at the CMS private lessons link: http://appstate.irisregistration.com/Form/19CMS. The code 19CMS will also take you to the private lesson registration page.

    •  Click “Create Additional Registration” or follow the prompts to make a new order of lessons (minimum 4).  A minimum 50% deposit is required to register.   
    • The application for tuition assistance will be sent in the confirmation email after registration and deposit  have been completed. 

        4. Return to your Iris Registration account before half of lessons have been taught in order to pay the  remaining balance.
Need help? Check out the tutorial on how to create an Iris account. You can also email Lisl Doughton, Program Manager, at doughtonlk@appstate.edu with general CMS questions, or Frances Keel (keelfk@appstate.edu) for help with using the Iris registration system.   The end of the CMS year is Friday, July 31, 2020. All lessons must be completed by that date.


How to Add More Lessons

To add more lessons, complete all payments on the previous order, then click “Create Additional Registration” to make a new order of lessons as shown above. (Please do NOT add lessons by editing a

previous registration.) Returning students will not be charged the registration fee again; it is charged once per year, not per order.



  • Fees vary according to CMS faculty members’ training and experience. They are divided into three options:

    • Apprentice; $25.00 per ½ hour; $35 per 45 minutes; $45.00 per hour

    • Master; $35.00 per ½ hour; $45.00 per 45 minutes; $55.00 per hour

    • Professional; $45.00 per ½ hour; $65.00 per 45 minutes; $80.00 per hour

  • Payments are NOT made directly to the faculty members at any time. All payments must be processed through Conference and Camp Services. Please direct any billing questions to Lisl Doughton, CMS Program Manager, at doughtonlk@appstate.edu.

  • ASU students and families are eligible for a 5% discount on all orders. Please email Carrie Henderson (hendersoncf@appstate.edu) before applying in order to have your Appstate email address verified and the discount applied. 

Tuition Assistance

We do offer tuition assistance; your balance does not need to be paid all at once!

Our assistance funding comes primarily through donations. We appreciate your honesty about your needs, as we have limited funds and want to make these programs possible for the maximum number of families.

The application for tuition assistance will be sent in the confirmation email after your registration and deposit have been received. Our registration system requires a 50% payment to complete checkout and begin lessons (whether or not tuition assistance is requested for the remaining balance).

  • CMS processes tuition assistance requests at the beginning of each semester. Please allow 2-3 weeks for a response. (Requests will not be processed from Dec. 15-Jan. 15 due to the university being closed at that time.)

  • If you are committed to taking lessons but are not able to make the 50% deposit, please contact Lisl Doughton, Program Manager, at doughtonlk@appstate.edu, or Dr. Nicole Sonbert, Director, at sonbertn@appstate.edu. We may be able to offer alternate arrangements on an individual basis. 


If a request for a refund is made before lessons begin, a full refund minus a $30 processing fee will be granted. Otherwise, the amount refunded will be prorated in addition to the processing fee charged. There will be no refunds after the second week of lessons. Please note that refunds will be made via the method payment was originally received and that this can take up to several weeks.

Make-Up Policies

Any lesson missed by CMS Faculty will be made up. If the teacher must reschedule a lesson, the student should be notified 24 hours in advance. The missed lesson may be made up in several ways:

  • adding additional time to future lessons (i.e. adding 15 min. to the next two lessons)

  • scheduling an hour-long lesson on a future date, or

  • rescheduling the lesson for another day and time.

If the student must miss a lesson, the teacher should be contacted at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. With at least 24 hours’ advance notice given, the teacher can reschedule one lesson for an excused absence by the student per semester. Without at least a full day's notice, the student will forfeit the lesson. Only illness or family emergencies will be considered excused absences. Other conflicts, such as birthday parties, family vacations, etc. are not considered excused absences and will not be made up. Messages for teachers must be left directly with your teacher's voicemail. 

Students are expected to be on time for their lessons. Teachers are expected to wait 10 minutes for a student who might be late. If the student arrives LESS than 10 minutes late, they will receive a lesson for the remainder of their time slot (the lesson will still end on time). If a student does not arrive after 10 minutes, the teacher is NOT required to stay any longer to wait. This lesson will be considered a "no-show" and will not be made up.


Approval of Policies and Procedures

By submitting your payment and registration form, you are agreeing to abide by the policies of the Community Music School. The Community Music School reserves the right to change any curricular offering, policy, procedure or fee. Please take a moment to read the following policies regarding study at the CMS. These policies exist to create a user-friendly and misunderstanding-free environment for students, parents and teachers.

CMS Musician Handbook


The CMS sponsors end-of-semester recitals twice a year. Students have the opportunity to prepare and perform on these recitals as a celebration of their accomplishments during the year. Students will perform at the discretion of their assigned CMS teacher.