Alexis Loveland, bassoon

A. Loveland

Alexis Loveland is a senior Bassoon Performance major at Appalachian State University studying with Dr. Jon Beebe! She is originally from Granite Falls, NC and has played the bassoon for eleven years. She not only has a passion for playing, but also teaching the bassoon to others. Alexis has performed in the ASU Wind Ensemble, Appalachian Symphony Orchestra, Blazing Bassoons, as well as the Marching Mountaineers. Alexis also enjoys being a tutor in the LRT lab in the Hayes School of Music, which is a tutoring lab for all music students to get help in any music course! 

Teaching philosophy: I want all students to feel confident within themselves and their playing. I think it is also very important for students to be able to freely express who they are, within music and even outside of music, and I give them the space to do so. Mindfulness is also a huge part of playing any instrument, so I practice positive self-talk with my students, while also encouraging them to do their best no matter what. My lessons are very interactive and engaging for the student and allow them to really think about what they are feeling, and why as they play. As far as bassoon goes, I have knowledge of reed-making and reed troubleshooting, which can be very helpful for middle school and high school bassoonists.