Let’s Play Ukulele! (HUB Station)

Let's Play Ukulele! (HUB Station)

Do you want to learn the instrument that’s taking the music world by storm? Let’s Play Ukulele! will be a weekly 45-minute class for the beginning ukuleleist. Together we will dive into topics like styles, chords, strumming, basic music theory, and more. Join us to learn all about this tiny-but-mighty instrument. 

Program Information

  • Age: 8-13
  • Experience: No experience needed
  • Instructor: Dwight McGlynn
  • Price: $0-$275 with Pay What You Can options
  • Location: The HUB Station in Hudson, NC
  • Time: 4:30-5:15 pm on Tuesdays
    • Classes begin on September 13 and end on November 15. 
  • Materials to Bring
    • Ukulele (preferably soprano). Kala and Luna are great brands. 
    • It is recommended that students bring their own ukuleles.
    • Tuner or tuner app (GuitarTuna is a great free app)

Register Here!

Before registering, please read the Community Music School's Musician Handbook and COVID-19 Policies.

Register Here! > https://appstate.irisregistration.com/Form/UkuleleHudsonFall22

  • Choose from our "Pay What You Can" options in registration ($0-275). Your selection will be kept private.
  • If you do not have an Iris account, you will need to create one (tutorial here). 
  • If asked for a code, enter UkuleleHudsonFall22. 
  • A parent/guardian will need to complete the registration. To register another student in your family, click “Create Additional Registration”
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