Fall 2022 Commencement

Fall 2022 Commencement

Commencement: Friday, Dec. 16, 9:00am. Graduate Hooding: Thursday, Dec. 15, 4:00pm
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Hayes School of Music - Recognition of Graduates

  • Hayes School of Music graduates will walk in the Commencement ceremony at 9:00am on Friday, Dec. 16 in Holmes Convocation Center. 
  • Hayes School of Music graduate students will be honored with a Graduate Hooding at 4:00pm on Thursday, Dec. 15 in Schaffel Recital Hall (reception to follow).
Dr. James Douthit, Dean

Dr. James Douthit, Dean

The faculty and I stand at the ready to assist you during the next years of your career. We hope that we are a part of that moment and look forward to sharing your challenges and successes as you engage your passion for music in your profession for life.

Dean James Douthit will carry the banner for the Hayes School of Music at the 9:00am Commencement ceremony. 

Dr. Jon Beebe, Macebearer

Dr. Jon Beebe, Macebearer

The Macebearer for the Hayes School of Music is Dr. Jon Beebe, Professor of Bassoon. Dr. Beebe is retiring after 37 years of service in the Hayes School of Music.

Read more about the mace on the main Commencement page. 

Message from Dean James Douthit

As another semester comes to an end, we prepare for another commencement. As you complete your requirements for your degrees, it may seem strange that the ceremony that recognizes an ending is called a commencement. However, it is most appropriate. 

Students enroll in the Hayes School of Music to transform their passion for music into a profession for life. You come to us with hopes and ideas about what you want to accomplish. In the process you have trusted our faculty and staff to offer not only expertise, experience, and training, but also their ongoing care and attention. Each of you graduating from the Hayes School of Music will play a unique leadership role in music when you commence your work. You will forever change and enrich your communities with your instruction in classrooms, music therapy in clinics and a variety of settings, performances offered in halls and venues across the country, and in your leadership roles in the music industry. 

Our students graduating this year have shown special fortitude and dedication during the pandemic. You kept your eyes on your goals, though at times it was not clear exactly what the next step might be. As you graduate this fall and commence the next steps in your profession, you take with you the best wishes of the Hayes School of Music Community as you bring the skills, values, and knowledge you have acquired into your community.  

James Douthit, D.M.A.
Dean, Hayes School of Music

Commencement Music

The Appalachian Brass Ensemble, conducted by Dr. Bethany Wiese and Dr. Dakota Corbliss, will perform musical selections at all three Commencement ceremonies.

Pomp and Circumstance
Edward Elgar, Composer/Roger Harvey, Arranger

The Star-Spangled Banner
Words by Francis Scott Key/John Higgins, Arranger
Vocalist Zitlaly Cruz-Hernandez, mezzo-soprano and Music Education major

Procession of the Scholars
William G. Harbinson, Composer
Former Dean of the Hayes School of Music

Special thanks to Dr. Jay Jackson, Associate Dean of the Hayes School of Music, for his service and dedication to App State and Commencement. 

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