Viktor Uzer and Brad Richter Guest Cello and Guitar Duo

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Friday, November 9, 2012 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
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Public View
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Viktor and Brad a cello and guitar duo will be performing at Appalachian State Univeristy. Come and enjoy the music.

Watch Viktor and Brad play Kashmir by Led Zeppelin.


Viktor and Brad are each classical musicians of the highest caliber with successful international solo careers and intensive training from two of the world's most lauded musical institutions: The Moscow Conservatory and The Royal College of Music respectively. Their musical interests and abilities, however, are far from limited to classical music. In their teens and twenties, while developing into classical virtuosi, they cut their teeth in rock bands – Viktor as an electric guitarist and Brad as a guitarist and singer. They also delved into folk and world music but eventually put those interests aside as they pursued their classical concert careers.

The Richter Uzur Duo may be unique in the way in which they combine classical, rock and folk music and themes into truly original new compositions as well as in the way in which they collaborate. Because they live almost 1,000 miles apart they do a great deal of composing over phone and internet and write parts separately, combining and re-developing them while on concert tours together. It is rare that two successful classical composers come together to co-write music of such distinction. The fun and friendship Viktor and Brad share in this partnership are obvious on stage and in their music.

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