Information for Prospective Students

Auditions Required

All students, regardless of their chosen program of study, must audition for admission to the Hayes School of Music.

Students do not need to be accepted to Appalachian to audition. However, if you are accepted to the Hayes School of Music you must also be accepted to Appalachian State University.

Bring this form to your audition

After you schedule an audition time, print and fill out this form. Bring it with you to your audition. Download PDF (86K)

Audition Dates

2014 Scholarship Audition Schedule

  • Saturday, December 6, 2014 (Instrumental Areas)*
  • Saturday, January 17, 2015 (Instrumental and Vocal Areas)*
  • Saturday, January 31, 2015 (Instrumental and Vocal Areas)*
  • Saturday, February 14, 2015 (Instrumental Areas)
  • Saturday, February 28, 2015 (Instrumental and Vocal Areas; for Admission Only)

*To be considered for the Hayes Young Artist Scholarship and to participate in the competition process, prospective students must audition on one of the "starred" dates.

Prospective vocal students must complete the Vocal Audition form found on our audition page and submit appropriate audition material.

The Hayes School of Music at Appalachian attracts students who exhibit a high level of musicianship and artistry that extends beyond mere talent: a strong work ethic, self-motivation, an engagement in learning, and a collaborative working relationship with fellow students as well as professors.

Our graduates typically move into professional music careers, including performing, teaching, clinical work, research and business. Music majors from Appalachian also are coveted by other career fields that value collaboration, logical reasoning and creative thinking.

No matter how they use their degrees, Hayes School of Music alumni share a deep enjoyment of and commitment to music throughout their lives.


Undergraduate Students

How and When to Apply

  1. Get started. Preparing for music studies at Appalachian begins in high school.
  2. Apply for admission to Appalachian State University. The first application deadline is Nov. 15.
  3. Request an audition. Reservations open in September. (Audition FAQs)
  4. Review instrument and degree specific audition requirements.

Try us out

We’ll let you be a Student for a Day to see if we are a good fit for your educational and career goals.


Graduate Students

How and When to Apply

  1. Review specific applications requirements for your program.
  2. Apply for admission to the Graduate School. The application deadline to be considered for assistantships is March 1, though many programs will still accept applications until July 1. (Application FAQ)
  3. Request an audition. Reservations open in September. (Audition FAQ)
  4. Review instrument and degree specific audition requirements.



More than 25 percent of the Hayes School of Music’s students are supported by the school’s musicianship-based scholarship program.


Accepted Students

You will be notified of your acceptance/denial into the Hayes School of Music via letter, usually sent within two weeks of audition. If you also are accepted into Appalachian, you must accept the university’s offer of admission by May 1. You then will:

  • Take the On-line Music Theory Placement Test (incoming freshmen). Only students who pass the test may take MUS1001: Music Theory I and MUS1007: Aural Skills I, which is offered every semester. Those who do not pass must first complete MUS 0900: Introduction to Music Theory.
  • Access Orientation and Advising information
  • Receive assignment to a faculty member for private instruction