In addition to the academic scholarships offered by the University, the Hayes School of Music offers performance-based music scholarships. Award amount varies. If the scholarship renewable, future awards (as to both timing and amount) are contingent upon the availability of sufficient funds, including, but not limited to, income from the investment of any endowment principal. Scholarships are credited to your Appalachian Student Account in equal amounts at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. All scholarships awarded by the University and the School of Music will be reported to the Financial Aid Office and are restricted to assisting students with educational costs associated with attending the University. Scholarships, when combined with other student aid, may not exceed the total cost of attendance. For information about how awards may affect your federal student aid package, please contact the Appalachian State University Office of Student Financial Aid at or by phone at 828-262-2190.

All music scholarship recipients must be enrolled at Appalachian as full-time student (12 or more hours per semester) and remain in good standing for conduct with the University. Specific academic standing (GPA) requirement for scholarship renewal eligibility is outlined in the offer letter. Students who did not meet the academic standing requirement for their scholarship will be allowed one semester to achieve the required academic standing. Failure to do so will render the student ineligible for renewal of the scholarship and consideration of any further scholarship funds.

All scholarship recipients must participate in the appropriate ensemble(s) each semester the student is enrolled as a music major. The appropriate ensembles are outlined in the most current Student Handbook. Students may participate in multiple ensembles. However, no student may be in more than three ensembles, including vocal, instrumental, and small ensembles.

Questions about music scholarship should be directed to Dr. Soo Goh, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.