The Hayes School of Music offers music majors opportunities for financial aid in addition to those offered by the University Scholarship; contracts are awarded in the spring, before the academic year in which the scholarship is in effect. Unless stated otherwise, awards are renewable through the ninth semester, including the semester of the student teaching experience or music industry internship. All scholarships may require recipients to participate in two ensembles on their major instrument or voice.

Recipients of all music scholarships must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 each semester in which an award is held. This is not a cumulative GPA, but a semester GPA. If a student makes below 2.75, he/she is placed on one semester of probation, in which the GPA of that semester must be above a 2.75. The cumulative GPA might still be under 2.75 at this point, but the scholarship will be maintained provided each semester thereafter is 2.75 or above. During or after the probation semester, if the GPA for a particular semester is under 2.75, the scholarship will be revoked. For single-year scholarships (Will Hester, Pedigo, Cratis Williams, etc.) a previous cumulative GPA of 2.75 is not necessary for consideration but must be maintained while a recipient. The student receives the same right to a probationary semester, but should the semester of probation not meet a 2.75, then the student will not be eligible for consideration of any further scholarship funds.

Students may not hold two music awards simultaneously, and the total of all awards from Appalachian may not exceed the cost of tuition, room, and board. North Carolina Teaching Fellows may not hold an additional award. Students will be credited with awards at the beginning of each semester. Failure to meet contract requirements will result in permanent revocation of the award. If contract requirements are not met for a semester in which the award is presented, all or a portion of the award will be removed from the student's account. Removal of scholarship money from a student's account may result in a balance owed on the account. Inquiries concerning complete details of scholarship requirements or other music scholarship concerns should be addressed to Soo Goh, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.