Prospective Students


More than 25 percent of the Hayes School of Music's students are supported by the school's musicianship-based scholarship program. Find out more about Undergraduate Scholarships (including the Hayes Young Artist Scholarship Program) and Graduate Assistantships and Scholarships.

Prospective music students also qualify for the numerous App State scholarships. Please review deadlines carefully to qualify.

Students who are currently enrolled can apply through ASAP (Appalachian Scholarship Application Portal). The ASAP portal is not a source of music scholarships, but can help students find even more opportunities for scholarships. 

Music Minor

Interested in minoring in music? Read about the music minor course requirements here. All students interested in pursuing a Music Minor must audition successfully.  For audition requirements and how to schedule an audition for a music minor, please email Mr. Jonathan Caison, Academic Advisor, at



All students, regardless of their chosen program of study, must audition for admission to the Hayes School of Music. Learn more about the audition process here.

Student for a Day

Student for a Day

Experience the supportive and vibrant atmosphere of the Hayes School of Music by being a student for a day and attending classes in your area of interest. Learn more.

Turning a Passion for Music into a Profession for Life

The Hayes School of Music at Appalachian attracts students who exhibit a high level of musicianship and artistry that extends beyond mere talent: a strong work ethic, self-motivation, an engagement in learning, and a collaborative working relationship with fellow students as well as professors.

Our graduates typically move into professional music careers, including performing, teaching, clinical work, research and business. Music majors from Appalachian also are coveted by other career fields that value collaboration, logical reasoning and creative thinking.

No matter how they use their degrees, Hayes School of Music alumni share a deep enjoyment of and commitment to music throughout their lives. To read more about what our alumni have achieved, visit our Alumni News page, follow us on Facebook, or subscribe to our email newsletter, Keeping Time with the Hayes School of Music.