Music Minor

The minor will consist of 16 semester hours in music. Remedial classes will not apply toward the minor.

All students interested in pursuing a Music Minor must audition successfully.  For audition requirements and how to schedule an audition (normally to occur after a student begins studies at the University), please email Jonathan Caison at the email listed below.

Music Minor Program of Study

For Assistance:

Mr. Jonathan Caison,  Academic Advisor
Hayes School of Music
Appalachian State University
Boone, North Carolina 28608

Course requirements:

  • MUS 1000 Elements of Music Theory (3 credit hours)
  • or
  • MUS 1001 Music Theory (2 credit hours)
  • MUS 1005 Aural Skills I (1 credit hour)
  • or
  • MUS 1003 Contemporary Musichianship 1 (3 credit hours)
  • Applied Music (minimum of 4 credit hours) and (Attainment of level 1 proficiency)
  • Ensembles - 4 credit hours (1 credit hour per ensemble)
  • Electives in Music - 5  credit hours (As approved by Hayes School of Music Academic Advisor)
  • MUS 1500 Performance Seminar (minimum of 2 semesters)

Recommended to satisfy General Education humanities requirement:

Note:  Courses that satisfy a General Education requirement may not be used to satisfy the music minor elective requirement if they are counting for credit in the Gen. Ed. (please contact Jonathan Caison in the school of music for more information)

  • MUS 2011 Exploring Music in Culture (3)
  • MUS 2014 Jazz Music in American Society  (3)
  • MUS 2015 History of Rock Music (3)
  • MUS 2016 Appalachian Music (3)
  • MUS 2018 Intro to World Music (3)