Faculty & Staff

Faculty Vacancies

For job descriptions and application information related to faculty vacancies in the Hayes School of Music, please see ASU's Human Resource Services site. 

Information for prospective faculty can be found here.

Faculty Office Hours Policy

Every full-time faculty member of the Hayes School of Music is required to be available a minimum of 1.5 hours per week for every three (3) student credit or instructional workload hours up to a maximum of six (6) office hours during the regular academic year to consult with students.

Administrative and Staff Responsibilities

Directory of Administrative Assignments and Responsibilities
This spreadsheet shows the responsibilities of HSOM staff members in order to help faculty and staff find the right contact person for their request.

Resources for Faculty

Logged-in faculty and staff can access additional resources including Faculty Announcements from the dean. 

  • Log in to access faculty resources. You should see new options in the left sidebar.
  • Request access to faculty resources if you do not see new options in the left sidebar after logging in. (All faculty/staff will need to request access again, since access started over when the new site launched in Summer 2016.)