Apply & Audition

Apply & Audition

A successful audition is required before entry to all music degree programs. This includes all tracks of the Music Industry Studies degree program. Many programs also require additional application materials or interviews specific to that program.

2024-2025 audition dates for the Hayes School of Music are as follows:

  • Saturday, November 9, 2024
  • Friday, January 10, 2025
  • Saturday, January 25, 2025
  • Saturday, February 8, 2025

Note: Current App State students should contact the applied faculty of their performance area to express interest in auditioning.

Graduate school applicants, please visit the Music Graduate site for graduate application and audition information.

1. Apply to Appalachian State University 

  • First you will need to apply to Appalachian State University through the process shown at
  • For more details on admissions to Appalachian, visit
  • Admission to Appalachian is an essential step, but you will also need to complete the next steps. To major in music, you will need to be accepted in three ways: (1) To Appalachian; (2) to the studio of the professor who teaches your instrument/voice; and (3) to the specific music degree program you are interested in.

2. Schedule Your Audition and Interview (if applicable)

  • Students can schedule their audition and interview time in their MyMountaineer portal.
  • If you intend to double major, please contact Dr. Soo Goh or Ms. Graciela Ruiz to let us know. You may also call the Music Office to let us know at 828-262-3020.

3. Prepare Audition Music and Materials

  1. Students must have applied to the University to be able to schedule an audition.
  2. See the Undergraduate Audition Requirements and read what you will need to perform on your instrument or voice (which may vary depending on your intended degree program). You can also learn more about the audition process and technical skills you will demonstrate. Our faculty looks forward to meeting you!
  3. See the Additional Degree Program Requirements to learn what documents, interview components, and more will be needed for your intended music degree program. Some are due in your application portal, while others will be covered in your interview on the audition day. 
  4. Practice and prepare: Spend time practicing your music and working on your other degree program requirements. It may be helpful to discuss your repertoire and plans with your school ensemble director and/or private lesson teacher. Studying music theory and aural skills (several resources can be found online) will give you a boost on your audition day. Music-reading skills are important to success at the audition and in our programs. Applicants who would like to brush up on musical skills can contact the Community Music School for private lessons (available at the Broyhill Music Center and online). 

4. Audition and Interview at the Hayes School of Music

  1. On your scheduled audition date, come well-rested and ready to perform for our faculty. Some degree programs will require additional materials or an interview.
  2. Any questions can be directed to the applied faculty of the area or Dr. Soo Goh, Associate Dean (Academic Affairs).


After your audition, you will receive the result of your acceptance to your desired studio and music degree program. To major in music, you will need to be accepted in three ways: 

  1. Accepted to Appalachian State University
  2. Accepted to the studio of the professor who teaches your instrument/voice
  3. Accepted to the specific music degree program you are interested in

Acceptance to these is decided by different factors. If you are accepted into some of these but not all, you would not be accepted into the exact music degree program you are aiming for upon enrolling at Appalachian. In this case you can contact our faculty for other options that may interest you.  

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While you apply and prepare, there are several ways to get to know the Hayes School of Music and build your musical skills:

Music Scholarship Information and Deadline

All students auditioning for the Hayes School of Music are considered for music scholarships. There is no separate application process or deadline to be eligible for a music scholarship. Students are strongly encouraged to audition as early as possible to qualify for all available music scholarships. Students who wish to be considered for various App State university-wide scholarships must meet Admissions' Early Action application deadline. Early Action applicants are encouraged to audition on our Friday, November 3 audition dateWhile we encourage applicants to audition on our November 3 audition date, applicants can audition on our Spring 2024 audition dates and still be considered for music scholarships. Please contact Dr. Soo Goh, Interim Associate Dean (Academic Affairs), with questions.

Students who audition after our scheduled audition dates typically do not qualify for music scholarships. Due to the limited number of available music scholarships, music minors do not qualify for music scholarships.