Hayes School of Music Performance Certificate

A Certificate of Recognition in Performance for Instrumentalists:

  • Provides an opportunity to motivated undergraduate non-performance music majors, who already demonstrate a keen interest in performance studies, to earn recognition for achievement in instrumental performance.
  • Is offered as encouragement to non-performance majors wishing to pursue a more intensive study beyond the basic requirements of their degree program.
  • Allows students to acquire additional credit, professorial guidance and distinction in music performance while attending the Hayes School of Music.

Who is Eligible?

Students enrolled as a full-time undergraduate instrumental major in one of the following degree programs may pursue the certificate: music education, music industry studies, music therapy, composition and theory, or sacred music.

Acceptance to the program will be awarded to eligible students through a petition, to be approved by area-specific faculty at the time of the fall jury of the junior or senior year of study.

Acceptance to the program will also depend upon agreement from the student's degree program coordinator and /or student advisor.


Entering Freshmen: You may demonstrate your intention to participate in the certificate program at the time of your entrance audition. You may bring your application to the program with you, or submit it at another time.

Returning Students: Apply to enter the program at any point prior to the fall jury of the junior or senior year. Submit an application to the area coordinator, accompanied by the approval of your applied studio teacher. The petition will be considered for approval at the time of the fall jury in order that participation in the program can begin the semester following the jury.