Advising Mission

The Hayes School of Music views academic advising as integral to the teaching and learning mission of the school.  Advising in the Hayes School of Music is a collaborative relationship between students and their assigned advisor in which students are assisted in approaching their education in an organized and meaningful way.  Advisors are committed, through the advising process, in supporting the broader mission of the Hayes School of Music and the cultivation of knowledge, skills, and human qualities related to teaching, creation, performance, business, appreciation, and therapeutic use of music.  The student must realize, however, that the ultimate responsibility for understanding university regulations and meeting academic program requirements resides with the student.

Advising Values


  • Advisors provide correct, current, and relevant information.


  • Advisors are dedicated to fostering productive relationships with students.


  • Advisors are committed to student success and the advising process.  


  • Advisors motivate and encourage students to overcome challenges and meet their potential.


  • Advisors value a supportive culture for diverse populations.  Advisors are committed to meeting the needs and perspectives of students from all backgrounds and experiences.


  • Advisors practice ethical and professional behavior and value honesty, transparency, and accountability to the student, institution, and the advising practice.


  • Advisors recoginize that students needs vary and are committed to providing each student the advising attention they require.


  • Advisors are committed to professionalism by showing consideration and respect to students, colleagues, and the mission and values of the institution.


  • Advisors honor the inherent value of all students and strive to build positive relationships by treating all students with sensitivity and fairness.