Music Learning, Research and Technology Lab

Visit the LRT (Learning, Research and Technology Lab) for tutoring in music! Undergraduate peer tutors and Graduate Assistants help current students with a variety of musical subjects in a supportive environment. No appointment needed - just drop in to the lab during our regular hours. 



6:30-9:30 PM 


E-mail the lab:

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Head Graduate Supervisor: Alex Vilchis,

Graduate Supervisor: Annette Gregoire, 

Faculty Supervisors:


The undergraduate tutors and Graduate Assistants in the Music Learning, Research, and Technology Lab are qualified to assist students in a variety of academic subjects. These include:

  • Music Theory (MUS 1001, 1002, 1003, 2010, 2073, 3009)
  • Aural Skills (MUS 1005, 1006, 2007, 2008)
  • Music History (MUS 2611, 2612, 3611)
  • World Music (MUS 2018)

The lab offers additional help with:

  • Content Review
  • Specific Assignments
  • Test Preparation and Review
  • Writing and Research 
  • Quiet study space

The lab is a supportive, safe space. Tutors and graduate supervisors work together to make sure all students who come to the lab develop the skills necessary to achieve their academic goals.

Want to be a Tutor?

Applications are accepted at the end of each semester. Please fill out the application form and e-mail it to Professor Wuagneux ( and Kopcienski ( ) by December 1st or April 1st. 

Qualifications are:

  • A 3.6 GPA, completion of the undergraduate theory aural skills, and history sequence, 
  • A willingness to work evenings, 
  • Strong keyboard and sight singing skills
  • An interest in working with different learning, musical styles and backgrounds. 

Most of our LRT alumni are now teaching full-time in the public school systems or are in master's or doctoral programs across the country. 


The LRT lab opened in 2008 and has been used extensively by students within the Hayes School of Music. Students collectively spend more than 500 hours in the tutoring lab each semester. App State’s LRT Lab has received critical acclaim in the Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy Online. Many other music schools have modeled their tutoring centers on App State’s lab, including Michigan State University and East Carolina University.

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