HSoM Course Proposals

HSoM Course Proposal Guidelines 

For Courses NOT in the Gen-Ed Curriculum

Writing and submitting a course proposal consists of many steps. These guidelines are meant to simplify the process. The following information includes: general steps to the process, a list of deadlines for committees that are involved, a summary of deadlines, links to forms, instructions to filling out the forms, and where to submit the proposal. 



To propose a course that does not carry General Education credit, two forms must submitted: Parts A and B (links provided in the Forms section), all of which must be sent through an approval process as follows. 

1.    Department/Program; College
         a.    Both forms, Parts A + B, are first sent to the HSoM Curriculum and Assessment Committee (CAC). 
         b.    HSoM Faculty Meeting
         c.   Dean Douthit sends 
Parts A and B from his office to AP&P.

2.    AP&P
         a.    AP&P places the vote on its agenda and the proposal is uploaded to the AP&P AsULearn page.
         b.    At the meeting, AP&P votes on the proposal.


The course must be approved by the AP&P Committee by their February 3, 2021 meeting to be included in the 2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin. Below are list of the AP&P Committee meetings and dates they must receive the proposals. 

AP&P Committee Meetings
November 4, 2020 (Proposals must be submitted to AP&P from the Dean’s office 
by October 9, 2020.)
December 2, 2020 (Proposals must be submitted to AP&P from the Dean’s office 
by November 6, 2020.)
January 13, 2021 (Proposals must be submitted to AP&P from the Dean’s office 
by December 4, 2020.)
February 3, 2021 (Proposals must be submitted to AP&P from the Dean’s office 
by January 8, 2020.)

HSoM Faculty Meetings
September 18, 2020
October 9, 2020
October 30, 2020
November 20, 2020

HSoM CAC Meetings
September 14, 2020 (Proposals must be submitted to the CAC by September 7, 2020.)
September 21, 2020 (Proposals must be submitted to the CAC by September 14, 2020.)
October 19, 2020 (Proposals must be submitted to the CAC by October 12, 2020.)
November 16, 2020 (Proposals must be submitted to the CAC by November 9, 2020.)

DEADLINES SUMMARY: 2021-2022 Course Catalog  

It is important to consider the coordination and timing of the committee meetings and the passing along of the proposal from one to the next. Below is a summary of these dates. Keep in mind that as each committee looks at the proposal, suggestions may be made and updates may need to take place. Scenario 1 is ideal as it allows ample time to make any necessary changes to the proposal. 


Scenario 1

Submit to CAC9/7/20
CAC vote9/14/20
HSoM faculty vote9/18/20
Dean's submission to AP&Pby 10/9/20
AP&P vote11/4/20

Scenario 2

Submit to CAC10/12/20
CAC vote10/19/20
HSoM faculty vote10/30/20
Dean's submission to AP&Pby 11/6/20
AP&P vote12/2/20

Scenario 3

Submit to CAC11/9/20
CAC vote11/16/20
HSoM faculty vote11/20/20
Dean's submission to AP&Pby 12/4/20
AP&P vote11/13/21 or 2/3/21


Note: A course proposal that affects any Program of Study in HSoM has additional requirements that are not addressed here (namely, that each program of study incorporating the new course must also be changed).

Parts A & B: Links to Forms:
Part A & B (editable PDF). You will also need to submit a sample course syllabus with these forms. Combine all attachments into a single PDF document. 
Instructions for filling out Parts A & B (Parts A & B instructions) are provided on the AP&P website. 

Parts A & B: More specific guidelines for MUS proposals
Questions in Part A
Question 1: Put MUS XXXX as a placeholder. This will be updated after the proposal has been approved by the CAC. 
Question 4: Leave this blank. It will get filled in as the proposal moves through the process.
Question 5: Leave this blank. After CAC approval, Eric Berry, Senior Associate Registrar, will be contacted by Jay Jackson. This will be updated and filled in later.
Question 6: Indicate “none” on each side.

Questions in Part B
Question 2: Give approximations based on the number of seats in existing courses using the Schedule of Courses from Banner.
Question 4: Fill this out based on who you think would be qualified. It is ideal for AP&P to see that there is more than one faculty member who is qualified to teach the course. If possible, list two additional names.
Question 7: Contact Gary Boye, boyegr@appstate.edu


It is not required, but advisable, to contact the CAC Chair, Greg McCandless mccandlessgr@appstate.edu, early in the process before submitting your proposal. The Chair can help you ensure that the forms are filled out properly before going to CAC and to avoid any hangups. 

When your proposal is complete and ready to submit, (Parts A and B, a sample syllabus, and any other supporting documents), it should be sent to: 1. The CAC Chair 2. Dean James Douthit douthitjr1@appstate.edu, and 3. Associate Dean Jay Jackson, jacksnjc@appstate.edu.