Prof. Katurah Christenbury, MMT, MT-BC, FAMI

First Name: 
Prof. Katurah
Last Name: 
Christenbury, MMT, MT-BC, FAMI
Main Title: 
Senior Lecturer, Music Therapy
Office Location: 
Room 457, Broyhill Music Center
Phone Number: 

A music therapist since 2009, Katurah Christenbury joined the Hayes School of Music in 2011. Currently, she teaches Functional Guitar Techniques I & II, Clinical Group Improvisation, Music Therapy Lab, Exploring Music Therapy, Foundational Music Therapy Techniques, and Clinical Research Project. Having provided clinical music therapy services for children, adolescents, and young adults with behavioral and emotional needs, Ms. Christenbury has supervised pre-internship students across a wide variety of populations, including: special education programs; after-school programs for at-risk youth; older adults at assisted living facilities; adults with intellectual disabilities; preschool aged children at risk for communication and developmental delays; and adults with mental illness in both inpatient and outpatient facilities.

Ms. Christenbury holds a Bachelor of Arts in General Music Studies, with an emphasis on vocal performance from Milligan College (2005), an equivalency in Music Therapy from Appalachian State University (2008), and a Master's in Music Therapy from Appalachian State University (2010). Ms. Christenbury completed additional training in Orff-Schulwerk, the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, and the Austin Vocal Psychotherapy Method. She has presented at community awareness programs on uses of self-care for the parent/caregiver/professional, as well as taught strategies for working with children, adolescents, and adults with behavioral, emotional, and mental health needs. She has also presented at regional music therapy conferences on the uses of song writing with children who have been traumatized, song writing for group work, and the combined use of movement and music in therapy work. Her research interests include the use of various music therapy techniques including songwriting and GIM for clients who have experienced trauma in varying forms. 

Finally, Ms. Christenbury enjoys being an active member of the App State community. She served on the Early Intervention Team for three years, participated in the Upward Bound and Trailhead Academy Leadership summer programs, and is faculty advisor to the student music therapy club AMTSA.  Additionally, she has served on a number of faculty search committees.  


  • 2024, Practitioner of the Austin Vocal Psychotherapy Method. New York, NY
  • 2020, Fellow of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
  • 2016, Mental Health First Aid, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
  • 2010, MMT in Music Therapy, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
  • 2008, Equivalency in Music Therapy, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
  • 2007, Completed Level I Training in the Orff-Schulwerk Method, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
  • 2005, Bachelor of Arts, Milligan College, Elizabethton, TN (Cum Laude)

Professional Affiliations & Honors:

  • Music Therapist-Board Certified. Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT).
  • American Music Therapy Association (AMTA).
  • Pi Kappa Lambda
  • Alpha Chi

Publications and Presentations:


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