Alumni Spotlights

Craig Phillips with New York Polyphony

A Grad’s Musical Journey — Trumpet to Opera to Acclaimed New York Polyphony
Oct 1, 2013

By Elisabeth WallCraig Phillips '93 is the bass singer with New York Polyphony, a men's early music quartet. (Polyphony, as described by one of the si...

Boatright and Snodgrass

Appalachian Today- Duncan Boatright, music
Jul 12, 2012

When Duncan Boatright '12 plays music, he's not moved so much by the artistry of sound, but rather the mechanics behind each chord."I've always had an...


‘The Climb’ Up the Charts
Dec 28, 2011

By Jane NicholsonJon Mabe ’93 jokes that he’s a 16-year overnight success. He co-wrote the hit single “The Climb,” recorded by Miley Cyrus in ...