Instructions for Applying to the Hayes School of Music

Undergraduate Students

  • Get started. Preparing for music studies at Appalachian begins in high school.
  • Consult the frequently asked questions page to help you in your preparation.
  • Apply for admission to Appalachian State University. The first application deadline is Nov. 15.
  • Request an audition. The online audition request process is now open.  Please note that you do not need to wait until you are accepted to the university to schedule your audition.
  • Review instrument and degree specific audition requirements.

Accepted Undergraduate Students

You will be notified of your acceptance/denial into the Hayes School of Music via letter, usually sent within two weeks of audition. If you also are accepted into Appalachian, you must accept the university's offer of admission by May 1. You then will:

  • Take the Online Music Theory Placement Test (incoming freshmen). Only students who pass the test may take MUS 1001: Music Theory I and MUS 1005: Aural Skills I OR MUS 1003: Contemporary Musicianship I. Those who do not pass must first complete MUS 1000: Elements of Music Theory.
  • Access Orientation and Advising information.
  • Receive assignment to a faculty member for private instruction, typically at the start of your first semester.

Graduate Students