Singing Game Melody, Text and Directions

Rosa Betsy Liner (PDF, 58 KB) - provides melodic notation and directions for singing game. You can also use the tune Four in the Middle for this game.

Recordings from the Digital Library of Appalachia (DLA)

  • See Playlist for the following songs:
    • *The Cuckoo - Dulcimer and Singing by Jean Ritchie mp3
    • Old Joe Clark - by Lewis and Donna Lamb mp3

Other Recordings

The above links provide excerpts of two movements of the concerto played by the Carlton College Orchestra with The McLain Family Band. It takes longer than usual to download, but the music is worth the wait! (Better yet, just pull yourself together and buy the whole darn CD - it's a masterpiece.)

fiddlebanjoguitar and bass

Moving to Listen

It can be very helpful to have children move in gentle ways when listening to music.

Toe tapping, knee patting and quiet clapping would all be great choices for helping kids focus on the sounds while letting them "fiddle" around a bit too.