Bonny Method Level III Training

Bonny Method Level III Training

Level III or Advanced Training in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music is a period of self-directed, mentored independent study that prepares the therapist for the competent professional practice of the Bonny Method and related approaches. Prerequisites include completion of an AMI endorsed Level II GIM training, recommendation by the Level II Primary Trainer, completion of Level II practicum, and application for admission to the Level III.

Within the 3-year timeframe of Advanced Training, the student will complete a series of three 7-day intensives, each encompassing 45-50 hours of instructional time and alternating between didactic and experiential components. Each intensive seminar will incorporate supervision time during which students share their work, further refine their understanding, and receive individualized feedback on their developing skills in all aspects of the Bonny Method. Additional requirements include personal sessions, assigned readings, case studies, music projects, practicum and supervisions, and a culminating original project. Advanced training is offered in collaboration with the Appalachian GIM Institute, LLC.

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Students entering Advanced Training must...

  • have the necessary training to practice as a therapist in a mental health discipline
  • have completed an intermediate level training from an AMI-endorsed training program, and
  • be recommended by the primary trainer of the intermediate training to continue in GIM training.

It is recommended that applicants have postinternship experience in a clinical mental health-related field.

Level III Seminar: Music in the Bonny Method

This 50-hour seminar will explore all facets of music as the co-therapist, catalyst, and container of the imagery experience in Bonny Method of GIM sessions. Students will analyze, guide, and travel to Core and Specialized Programs. Students will apply methods of analyzing music programs for GIM, including musical approaches, phenomenological approaches, and heuristic approaches.

Level III Seminar: Advanced Imagery, Guiding and Processing

This 50-hour seminar will cover:

  • GIM as a primary therapeutic modality, including referrals, advanced assessment techniques, therapist/client relationship, and processing methods
  • Refining interventions and specialized guiding techniques
  • Specialized music programs
  • Understanding imagery within less familiar frameworks, such as healing, loss of boundaries, reliving trauma, psychic opening, and past lives.
  • The structure and dynamics of a long-term series
  • Clinical applications of GIM
  • Modification of GIM for group application

Level III Seminar: Archetype and Spirituality in GIM

This 50-hour seminar will cover:

  • Music and imagery as pathways to deeper states of consciousness and mind-body connections.
  • Music programs designed to support transpersonal experiences
  • GIM as a process of personal transformation
  • Spiritual and archetypal bases for understanding imagery

Level III Supervision Days

A supervision day will be held in conjunction with each Level III seminar, giving opportunity for supervision of individual sessions. Case consultations, sharing of case studies with colleagues, and discussion of clinical applications of GIM skills and knowledge will take place during the Level III Seminars.

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