Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Hayes School of Music Diversity Statement

We recognize the importance of preparing our students to be music professionals in a diverse world and value diversity and inclusion in our curriculum, pedagogy, community, and interactions. We engage in reflection and intentional action that values, respects, supports, acknowledges, and advances the preparation of our students to be leaders who celebrate multiple approaches and points of view.

DEI Committee Members

  • Jonathan Caison (academic advisor)
  • Laurelle Cartwright (music therapy)
  • Co-Chair: Nicholas Cline (composition)
  • Alexandra Dee (director of orchestral studies)
  • Mary Gayle Greene McClune (voice faculty)
  • Co-Chair: Jacob Kopcienski (musicology)
  • Laurie Semmes (ethnomusicology)
  • Shane Watson (music library)

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