Level I

Orff-Schulwerk Teacher Education: Level I

Next session planned for 2025

About Level I

Designed for anyone with the ability to read music, Level I provides an introduction to the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy and process. Based upon the ideas and teachings of Carl Orff, the course provides a means of discovering and experiencing this contemporary approach to teaching music.

Emphasis is placed on...

  • cultivation of an understanding of the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy
  • enhancement of creative and compositional skills
  • development of music pedagogy and instructional skills appropriate for use with diverse student populations
  • creation of a classroom environment facilitating success of all students.

Class activities revolve around those that serve as the basis for the Orff approach to teaching. The daily program includes basic pedagogy, soprano recorder, movement, and varied special topics instruction.

Content focuses on... 

  • Orff-Schulwerk techniques
  • rhythmic and melodic training
  • improvisation
  • pentatonic scales
  • ostinato
  • simple bordun accompaniments
  • elemental forms

Students also develop facility with the soprano recorder. Activities that are designed to develop satisfactory playing skills and an understanding of the use of the soprano recorder in the music classroom are included.

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Orff Level I Content Overview

Orff-Schulwerk courses at Appalachian State University have been offered annually since the summer of 2002. Dr. Maribeth Yoder-White and Dr. Lisa Runner have coordinated and taught in the program continually since it began. Biographies of both instructors are available upon request.

Content Overview

Orff-Schulwerk is a unique approach to music education based on the teachings of Carl Orff.  This child-centered approach incorporates speech, movement, song, and instrument playing in a creative atmosphere where students are actively engaged in the music making process.

Designed for anyone with the ability to read music, this Level I course will develop an understanding of the teaching and learning process of the Orff-Schulwerk approach to music and movement. The daily program will include basic pedagogy, soprano recorder, movement, and varied special topics instruction. Content will focus on Orff-Schulwerk techniques, rhythmic and melodic training, improvisation, pentatonic scales, ostinato, simple bordun accompaniments, and elemental forms.

Music Education at Appalachian State University

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