Level III

Orff-Schulwerk Teacher Education: Level III

Next session planned for 2025

About Level III

Designed for those who have completed an AOSA-approved Level II course, Level III involves experiences intended to enhance participants' understanding of, and teaching through, the process. The focus and content of Level III differ significantly from previous Levels courses.

Content includes:

  • pentatonic and modal scale study
  • orchestration writing (including accompaniments with simple and moving borduns; tonic; shifting harmonies)
  • advanced rhythmic experiences
  • irregular and changing rhythms and meters
  • vocal, movement and instrumental improvisation
  • ensemble playing using recorders of all voicings.

Level III participants are expected to develop increased pedagogical skills. Consequently, multiple opportunities are provided for planning, teaching, and reflecting.

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Content Overview

Orff-Schulwerk courses at Appalachian State University have been offered annually since the summer of 2002. Dr. Maribeth Yoder-White and Dr. Lisa Runner have coordinated and taught in the program continually since it began. Biographies of both instructors are available upon request.

Content Overview
Designed to provide advanced study of the Orff-Schulwerk approach, this course involves experiences intended to enhance participants’ understanding of, and teaching through, the process. Grounded in musical experiences appropriate for use with elementary and middle school students, activities will include moving, creating, singing, and playing experiences leading to deeper understanding of musical elements. Course content includes pentatonic and modal scale study; orchestration writing (including borduns, tonic, shifting and functional harmonies); advanced rhythmic experiences, irregular and changing rhythms and meters; vocal, movement and instrumental improvisation; small and large group teaching; and ensemble playing using recorders of all voicings. Enrollment is limited to those who have satisfactorily completed an AOSA-approved Level II course.

Music Education at Appalachian State University

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