Orff Extended

Orff-Schulwerk Teacher Education: Orff Extended

Register at the link for Orff Extended! June 17-21, 2024. 

Orff Extended is a course designed for those who have completed Levels I, II, and III of Orff Schulwerk Certification. Taught by an invited guest instructor, content varies year to year. Attendees participate in a minimum of 30 contact hours of activities.

brent_holl_300.jpgWith guest instructor Brent Holl 

Master Class will be a free flowing conversation/collaboration inspired by the work of Jos Wuytack at the Memphis Summer Orff institute. There will be lots of new material and we’ll be actively singing, moving, speaking, and playing. We’ll experience and expand the concepts and techniques introduced in Levels 1 - 3 about Melody, Harmony, and Orchestration but this time it will be as a continuum. We’ll see how everything fits together as a totality. We’ll brainstorm the important question that we all had when we completed our Orff Certification, “What’s next?"

Our class will follow the book Sounds Abound Volume 1 - Harmony and Orchestration in the Orff Instrumentarium. The book and a printed and bound copy of additional notes for the class will be provided.

Bring your recorders, violins, mandolins, guitar, dulcimer, melodica if you have them. All voices of recorders will be used.

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