Have one student tell the story, then re-enact the event, after deciding the following. For extra fun, video tape the re-enactment or perform it for parents or another class.

  • What: type of event
  • Where: location of event
  • When: what time of year or day
  • Who: characters in the tale – can sing songs or play singing games
  • Props: Quilts, corn husks, apples, wagon, house/door, woods


  • Look for all children participating in singing game and final presentation.
  • Look for cultural information, such as chores, terms in the song texts and actions in the games that students recall.

National and State Standards

The Appalachian Songs and Singing Games lessons are aligned with the National Standards for Music Education, with the Kentucky Core Content for Assessment in the Arts, and with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Music.