Ask students to remember what type of family traditions we find in our Appalachian Mountains.

Discuss the land, the industries and lifestyles of people remembered through discussion of songs and games. Refer to display for names of songs, games and tales.

Play counting out game.

Choose a game, such as William Tremble Toe or modern game selected by students to choose it for singing game Oats, Pease Beans or Little Sally Waters.

Ask students to identify the elements in the songs and games that remind us of the Appalachian people.

Help students create a tale, or a version of a tale such as or Animals and Robbers based on an event such as a quilting bee, a corn-husking, apple-peeling, etc.

Help students justify decisions about songs, instruments and props based on unit experience. When we put the songs, games, tales and actions together, we are creating folklore. Folklore helps us remember and learn about their music and their lives long ago.