Recordings from the Digital Library of Appalachia (DLA)

  • Churning Song  -  talking by Jean Ritchie - see Playlist

Songs and Singing Games

  • Songs and Stories (PDF, 106 KB) song and story text
    • Churning Song
    • Churning  by Jean Ritchie
    • Among the Little White Daisies
    • The Swapping Song
    • Foolish Jack
  • Swapping Song - mp3 - Smithsonian Global Sound - click on sample by Jean Ritchie

*Note to Teachers: The Smithsonian Global Sound collection of music provides links to excerpts of recordings. When you click on the Smithsonian samples, you will hear only a verse or two. The sample is enough for the teacher to learn the melody, but does not play the entire song. You may be asked to register for an account. The registration is quick, free, and does not send junk mail into your email.


  • Foolish Jack - mp3 from the Digital Library of Appalachia - 7:53 seconds - see Playlist

Hand Outs

When teaching singing games to children, Jean Ritchie suggests that teachers should just "get them started."

It is not necessary to drill on correct placement of hands, notes or directions. Games were traditionally taught by children to other children. Let them play!

More Resources

The Swapping Song Book by Jean Ritchie includes annotated folk songs, including childrens songs and singing games.