Tell students to listen to an old song that someone's Grandmother taught them. Sing "Churning."

student churning butterOptional activity: play DLA excerpt recording of Jean Ritchie talking about churning the butter. Her comments about churning are in the second half of the recording.

People used to make their own butter from milk a long time ago in the Mountains of Kentucky. Sometimes they sang songs like the "Churning" to pass the time and make the work a little easier.

People in the mountains made many of their belongings and grew much of their own food in farms and gardens. They did not have much money, so they had fun playing singing games.


Play and sing: "Among Little White Daisies"


One way to include everyone, was to play using everyone's name. Part of the fun is choosing the next person and hoping that you might be the next person chosen.




Tell students that Jack is in many tales, and this is just one tale. Listen to the tale on the recording provided, tell the tale or have a grandparent tell the tale.

Optional activity: children sing "Swapping Song" with Orff instrumentation

Sometimes these songs tell stories, called tales. One story is called "Foolish Jack" or "The Swapping Story" about a boy from the mountains who does some foolish swapping.