This lesson includes several songs, some which are optional. If you are not familiar with some of the tunes, the mp3 files will play enough of each song for the TEACHER to hear the melody. Use the pdf files for learning the text.

Except for Crawdad Man, they are not intended for use as "sing-along" with students. These songs are intended to be sung without instrumental accompaniment.

Songs and Instructions for Singing Games

  • Songs and Singing Games (PDF, 29 KB) - Melodies, song texts and directions for singing games for this lesson
    • Oats, Peas, Beans
    • William Tremble Toe - There is no melody for this game, the words are chanted
    • Did You Ever See a Lassie
    • Trot, Trot Little Pony
    • Fiddle - I - Fee (I Bought Me a Cat)
    • Frog Went-A-Courtin' - text is different than recording
    • Crawdad Man
  • Oats, Peas, Beans - You can hear the melody played if you don't know it and you will see a version of the song text.
  • Did You Ever See a Lassie - mp3 - In case you dont' know this melody, you can hear the melody sung as Did You Ever See a Horsefly on this kids web site. Click on high quality mp3 download.
  • I Bought Me a Cat - mp3 (Fiddle-I-Fee) - This link will take you to the Smithsonian Global sound collection. Click on Pete Seeger's sample.
  • Frog Went-a-Courtin' - See Playlist - mp3 - from the Digital Library of Appalachia - Children can listen to this recording or sing the version below. It is NOT intended for sing-along. Words are different from those provided in the pdf file.
  • Crawdad Man - See Playlist - mp3 - from the Digital Library of Appalachia - Children can sing along on the refrain to this recording.

Quilt Materials

  • Fabric, craft foam or construction paper
  • Scissors

Display Materials

  • Bulletin Board
  • Drawing Paper