Appalachian Youth Chorale

Appalachian Youth Chorale

The Appalachian Youth Chorale is a choral ensemble consisting of 10 weekly group sessions. We will work on confidence while singing alone and in a group, explore and learn songs from a variety of cultures and genres, and culminate the session with a final sharing for the class - all in a fun and engaging environment.

  • Age: 7-14 (students age 15-18 may join as High School Mentors)
  • No prior singing experience is necessary.
  • Instructor: Dr. Katy Strand with collaborative pianist Elizabeth Salter
  • Price: Regular price is $250, but need-based pricing options can be selected in registration.
  • Location: Broyhill Music Center Room 225
  • Times: 5:00-5:50pm on Tuesdays. Class will meet 10 times starting Jan. 30
    • Dates: Tuesdays, Jan. 30 - April 16, 2024; may extend to April 30 if make-up dates are needed. 
    • No class on March 12 or April 2. 
    • Concert may be on Thursday, 5/2, 7:30pm.
  • Music will be provided. Students will be issued a folder with their music.

Dr. Katy Strand is the conductor of the Appalachian Youth Chorale! Dr. Strand has extensive experience with K-12 choral instruction and previously taught the App Rocks! class with the Community Music School. In her work as the Dottie Sink Sykes Distinguished Professor of Music Education at the Hayes School of Music, Dr. Strand teaches music education courses for App State students and publishes research in the world of music teaching.

Parking for CMS Classes

Beginning in Fall 2023, there is now a charge for parking between 7am and 7pm on weekdays at Appalachian State University. Please visit the CMS Parking and Directions page for complete parking information.

  • Free Options: Instead of purchasing a parking pass, participants can be dropped off at their class/lesson or take the free AppalCart bus to the Broyhill Music Center.
  • Visitors who do not already have an App State parking pass can purchase parking passes in their Community Music School registration form:
    • 5pm-7pm visitor parking pass - $10/month
    • 7am-7pm visitor parking pass - $25/month
  • After purchasing a pass in registration, please plan to pick up your parking pass off campus before your first class (or first use of the pass). See the CMS Parking and Directions page for details.

Register Here!

Before registering, please read the Community Music School's Musician Handbook and COVID-19 Policies.

Register here! >

  • If you do not have an Iris account, you will need to create one (tutorial here). 
  • If asked for a code, enter AYCSpring24
  • A parent/guardian will need to complete the registration. To register another student in your family, click “Create Additional Registration”

Permission Forms

  • For musicians under 18, a parent/guardian will need to fill out the Youth Form online before the first class. 
  • All participants (and parents/guardians), please come a few minutes early to the first class to fill out the Media Form. We will provide blank copies. You can preview the Media Form here.

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Payment and Pricing Options

Offering this program costs the Community Music School $250 per participant. Depending on the program, our expenses include faculty, assistants, staff/administration, facilities, instruments, music, books, supplies, stands, and more. 

We are still testing a model in which participants can select need-based pricing options for group classes on the honor system. By selecting an amount according to your needs, you can help us sustain this program!

Based on financial need, you may select the regular tuition or a reduced payment from the options below during the registration process. At this time, no waiting or approval is required to select these options. Tuition level selected does not affect a student's priority in joining the class, which is solely based on the order in which Iris registrations are completed. 

  • Pay $250 - Regular Class Tuition
  • Pay $150 - Need-based pricing option
  • Pay $75 - Need-based pricing option
  • Pay $25 - Need-based pricing option

Registrants needing their full class tuition waived due to financial need should (1) complete the registration form up until the final payment screen, then (2) email to request that the full cost be waived.  Currently, no application or details are needed for this. After we remove the fee, you will need to return to the form and complete your registration. Please note that parking pass charges will not be waived.

What to Expect

When you come to a rehearsal with the Appalachian Youth Chorale, you will experience a fun and fast-paced rehearsal that focuses on developing musicianship skills along with vocal skills. We learn the basics of music note reading, utilizing solfege to learn how to sing music by sight. Additionally, we have fun exploring our voices and learning how to work together as a group. The rehearsal is a safe space for everyone to learn and grow in a positive environment. We sing a variety of music to include songs from around the world and from different time periods. We like to move and express music with our whole bodies. We teach performance etiquette and discipline but in a positive way that still allows for self expression. Above all, we are a place for young musicians to sing, inspire and celebrate their unique voices!