Appalachian Symphony Orchestra - Community Member Registration

Appalachian Symphony Orchestra

The Appalachian Symphony Orchestra is the cornerstone orchestral ensemble at the Hayes School of Music and is led by our mission statement: Making Magic, Changing Lives, Forging Opportunity. Students in the ensemble give compelling, vital performances of repertoire that stretches from the baroque to today's living composers. We believe in the fundamental principle that making music is a social, essentially human endeavor. Our performances and rehearsal process are notable for combining generosity of spirit and irrepressible enthusiasm with intellectual curiosity, contemplation and global awareness.

Read more about the Appalachian Symphony Orchestra here. 

Community Member Registration

If you are a community member (not App State student) interested in playing in the Appalachian Symphony Orchestra, please...

  1. Reserve an audition time (most are in Sunday, Jan. 14) through the process shown for your instrument on the Ensemble Auditions page
  2. Prepare your music and play your audition.
  3. As soon as you receive word that your audition for ASO was successful, visit this page again and register. 
    1. The registration link, where you can also purchase a parking pass ($100 for the semester), is available below. 
    2. Fill out the additional Youth Form for any minor participants. 
  4. Print and turn in the required Photo/Video/Sound Release by the first rehearsal.
  5. Musicians may find it helpful to arrive early for orchestra. Unfortunately parking may be difficult to find due to construction on campus.  

For questions about the orchestra, contact Dr. Alexandra Dee at For questions about registration, please contact
App State students will also audition, but will register for ASO as a class rather than through the above steps.  

The Community Music School also offers the Appalachian Community Orchestra (6:30-7:20 on Thursdays), which is open to ages 12-adult and does not require an audition.

Schedule and Payment

  • Times: 3:30-5:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning August 22 and ending Dec. 5, 2023. 
  • Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1/16/2024 - 4/30/2024
    • Concerts Friday 2/23 8:00pm and Sunday 4/28 2:00pm
    • No rehearsal 3/12 or 3/14. 
    • ASO follows the Appalachian State University semester schedule.
    • Conference Trip: Thursday 2/15/24 - Friday 2/16/24 (overnight trip) to perform at College Orchestra Directors Association (CODA) Conference - Belmont University, 1900 Belmont Blvd, Nashville, TN 37212, USA. Minors wishing to perform at the conference will need to be brought by a parent/guardian who takes responsibility for and supervises the minor. 
  • Rehearsals will be held in Room 119 of the Broyhill Music Center. This is on the hallway on the left side of the brickyard lobby.
  • Price: The regular price is $75 for community members, but participants can select from need-based pricing options in registration. 
  • Registration through the Community Music School is required for community members (non-students, new or returning) playing in ASO. 
  • All App State students (regardless of major) should register for ASO through Appalnet instead of through the Community Music School.
  • All participants are expected to attend all rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performances.

Parking for CMS Classes

Beginning in Fall 2023, there is now a charge for parking between 7am and 7pm on weekdays at Appalachian State University. Please visit the CMS Parking and Directions page for complete parking information.

  • Free Options: Instead of purchasing a parking pass, participants can be dropped off at their class/lesson or take the free AppalCart bus to the Broyhill Music Center.
  • Visitors who do not already have an App State parking pass can purchase parking passes in their Community Music School registration form:
    • 5pm-7pm visitor parking pass - $10/month
    • 7am-7pm visitor parking pass - $25/month
  • After purchasing a pass in registration, please plan to pick up your parking pass off campus before your first class (or first use of the pass). See the CMS Parking and Directions page for details.

Register Here!

Be sure you have auditioned and been accepted before registering! Payment or registration does not guarantee admission to ASO without a successful audition. 

App State students of all majors should register for Appalachian Chorale (MUS 1109) through Appalnet, not here. For questions about registering as an App State student, contact your advisor or contact the music office at 

Community Member Registration and Payment Link:

Registration Tips

  • If asked for a code, enter ASOSpring24.
  • For technical help with Iris Registration forms, please contact Carey Driskell (, (828) 262-2942) in the Office of Conference and Event Services.
  • For participants under 18 (accepted with permission of instructor), a parent or guardian must fill out the Youth Form before the first rehearsal.

Pricing and Payment

The Hayes School of Music and the Community Music School welcome you to the Appalachian Symphony Orchestra and request your help in making this program sustainable!  Our current price for community members to participate is $75.00 per semester. 

Opening this college course to community members costs the Hayes School of Music, Community Music School, and App State $150 per participant. Providing a meaningful and focused experience for a class of this size takes additional work and supplies beyond that budgeted for the regular college class in areas such as sheet music, assistants, guest musician(s), faculty, staff, and administration. For comparison, tuition for an App State student taking this class for credit is $224.

We ask each community participant to pay $75 in order to help support these costs.

We are still testing a model in which need-based tuition options for group programs are available based on the honor system. During registration, much like last semester, you will be able to select a payment amount from the options below:

  • Pay $150 - Cover all costs for your participation (thank you!)
  • Pay $75 - Suggested contribution per person
  • Pay $25 - Need-based tuition option

Registrants needing their full class tuition waived due to financial need should (1) complete the registration form up until the final payment screen, then (2) email to request that the full cost be waived.  Currently, no application or details are needed for this. After we remove the fee, you will need to return to the form and complete your registration. Please note that parking pass charges will not be waived.